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On March 12, 2020, unbeknownst to me, I parked my car at the top of my driveway for the last time, not permanently, but for a very long time.  A few days later, the Governor of California instituted a sheltered in place mandate, and my long commute (67 miles each way) came to an end. I watched the world change before my eyes as a global pandemic took over my town, country, world, and life.

My daily calls and meetings with my colleagues, team, and friends changed overnight. Instead of a morning leadership meeting every Tuesday, we meet daily at 9:00 a.m. We gather in front of our home office screens, click the Zoom meeting link, and watch the Brady Bunch squares pop up on our screens. Instead of our usual ranch wear of jeans, boots, and sweaters, our new uniform includes yoga pants, baseball caps, and sweatshirts.

The news on TV, social media, and the internet blasted dramatic numbers of increased infections and deaths, and fear of the unknown became the shared emotion. As week two began to take shape, and the severity of what lied ahead took hold, I realized we needed a counter-attack, a way to combat the negativity and fear.  I began to take notice of the little things that brought me joy, made me smile, and gave me hope, and the more I looked, the more I found.

The words Lemonade Moment started popping into my verbiage, text, emails, and Zoom calls. I started each day on the morning leadership call with "I want to share some good news" and made sure to find something positive by 9:00 a.m.  I started hashtagging #lemonademoment each time I saw a joyful moment on one of my social media channels and writing down lemonade moments that happened throughout the day. But my actual "need to do a blog" a-ha moment came when I realized each time I said it, a smile would appear across another's face or a happy emoji would pop up on my screen.

And that is how Lemonade Moment began. I've asked some friends to help get the ball rolling with a recent lemonade moment in their lives. A special thanks to contributing squeezes Gina Cefalu, Tracy Tyon, and Evelyn Hough. A special hug for Designer extraordinaire Tracy Lenihan for our gorgeous logo! What would I do without my girlfriends? They give me lemonade moments every day!

Thank you for visiting lemonademoment.com, and I hope you join our community. My goal is to share joyful and sweet moments that are happening all around us each day. Trust me; now that you are looking for them, you will start seeing them everywhere!

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