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What's Your Lemonade Moment?

Need a burst of positive?

I am so glad you found lemonademoment.com. This site is just for you—it's a place for you to share a joyful Lemonade Moment from your day!  Positive moments that you successfully took a situation, frustration, or global stress, and turned it into something positive and beautiful.  

The lemonade moment often appears when you least expect it, or sometimes it's as big as life and bursting to be heard.  I hope you gather them all up and share them with me.

If you are struggling to find your Lemonade Moment, then this is your place too!
 We hope you find something here to inspire, encourage, or simply make you smile.

Please take a moment and send me a photo, video clips, drawings, short story (400 words or less), whimsical phrase, a favorite poem, or any positive moment will do!  Find one every day, and send them my way I will gather them up and post as many as I can. 

 - life is short, make it sweet 

Kym Hough,  The Head Squeeze

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